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Cats & Soup

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Name Cats & Soup
Publisher HIDEA
Genre Games
Size 108M
Version 2.2.5
Update Dec 9, 2022
MOD Info Unlimited All, Free Purchase
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Cats & Soup is the most famous version in the Cats & Soup series of publisher HIDEA
Mod Version 2.2.5
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  • Unlimited All
  • Free Purchase

Cats & Soup is a MOD APK that has unlimited all features for free purchase. It’s a cute and stress-free game that you’ll love to play. The cats need help cooking soup, and gamers will be able to assist them with this exciting activity. The game features beautiful drawings and smooth animation, a variety of scenes, and interesting gameplay that will keep players hooked. Watching the cats cook soup will be a relaxing and addicting experience.


Each of us loves these little, mischievous and fluffy naughty cats. They are in dire need of our constant care and boundless love. Get yourself a couple of these cats and have fun with them all your free time. So every cat loves a tasty and satisfying meal. So, together with them you can learn how to cook a lot of delicious and varied dishes that can surprise everyone more than once. Together you can cook hot soup, delicious noodles, healthy salad and many other simple and delicious dishes.

To do everything, give a task to each cat. These cute creatures will be happy to help you cut vegetables, carry water, collect vegetables and fruits, catch fish and cook food. For each cooked dish you will be rewarded with valuable coins. With their help, you can build a big beautiful house for your pets.


CATS & SOUP is all about users interacting with cats as they make soup. Here’s how it works: at the beginning of the adventure, users see only one cat, who is busy stirring something in a large cauldron. Once the soup is ready, the cat pours it into bowls and serves it to the players. This was the very first version of the soup, but it ended up being quite lean and not satisfying because there weren’t enough ingredients. To correct this unfortunate misunderstanding, hire one of his cats to help him out.

By sitting down to cut the carrots, he knows that the taste of the soup will improve. With this in mind, he can charge a higher price for each bowl. And, after some time has passed, he will be able to attract a third cat – a Siamese. The position will be responsible for cleaning and cutting cabbage for soup. The company offers different breeds of cats.

Cat Raising Game in Cartoon Style

If you’re looking for a way to destress, there are plenty of other options out there like playing video games that feature cats. They’re usually just as realistic, if not more so, and can be just as satisfying. Cats come in many different shapes and sizes and there are a variety of different breeds from all over the world.

Some of the most popular types of cats include Siamese, Ragdolls, Shorthairs, Himalayans, Persians, British Shorthairs, American, Egyptian Mau and Siberians. If you want to pet a cat, you may need to catch him or her first. You can’t hurt a cat by force, or else the cat will go away forever. So it would be helpful if you formed friendships and meaningful relationships with them instead. That way, they’ll be more likely to want to spend time with you and won’t view you as a threat!

Interact With the Cute Cats

Cats from all over the world will come to you, and you must ensure they feel safe and comfortable. You should also interact with them regularly to get to know them better.

Customize the cats outfit and take photo

You can customize the appearance of your cats by giving them hats, clothes, outfits, tails and more. Then you can take photos and send photos to your friends and family members on social media platforms such as Facebook. In this game, you’ll need to take care of your very own virtual pet by feeding it, playing with it, and keeping it entertained. You’ll be able to name your pet whatever you like, and you’ll be rewarded for taking good care of it with love hearts. From time to time, there will also be special mini-games in which you can play to win more rewards for your pet.

Cook the most delicious soup in the world

Cats and Soup is a casual cooking game with beautiful hand-drawn art and adorable animals. The cat keeps trying to make soup in a large cauldron, but because there are no ingredients, this dish is not very expensive. The game is about cooking the most delicious soup in the world. One of the cats cooks soup in a large cauldron, but because of the lack of ingredients, this dish is not very expensive. The game is about cooking the delicious soup. To do this successfully, you will need to hire a crew of fursuiters and assign them specific tasks. You’ll have to slice, chop, pick and process all of these vegetables.

A lot of fun, challenging tasks to complete

The game has a lot of fun, challenging tasks to complete, and the best part is how many cute cats you get to play with. Completing tasks earns you money, which you can use to get more ingredients and hire hard-working pets. You can also decorate them with stylish hats and outfits.

Use artifacts to increase your sales

In Cats and Soup, players can use different items and artifacts to improve their profits. For example, you can put a hat on a cat to make it cuter and increase the price you can sell it for by 20%. The sunflower increases the cost of grilled radishes by 10%, but the angel speeds up juice production by 20%. There are dozens of clothes and accessories that the character can be presented with in the game, in addition to the headdress.

The game also includes a home decor tab, but it simply serves to change the background. This does not affect the gameplay in any way. You can also feed your pet with fish, which you can find in an exciting mini-game that becomes available from a certain level.

Graphics and sound

CATS & SOUP meets the user with very beautiful graphics and calm sound design. In the game, you can even do nothing, but just watch funny cats. Here is one of them chopping cabbage with an ax, and the other turns over and cleans the head of cabbage. Everything is done very beautifully, so the application is suitable for any age. By the way, the game has no age restrictions. You will also enjoy the change of day and night and pleasant music. At night, the user will be able to hear crickets, and during the day, birds will sing.

Key Features

  • Real-time fast game for mobile phone battles, only 3 minutes per round.
  • Random map and unique challenge.
  • Innovative gameplay and role-playing design.
  • 3V3 commands in real time. Team up with your friends against players from all over the world.
  • Many skins of cats and guns
  • Lots of skills and rich team tactics.
  • TOP leaders.

Final Words

Cats & Soup is for you, If you are looking for a relaxing game. game that you can play anywhere, anytime. It is gentle and doesn’t require any complicated tasks. All you need to do is click on your cats and click on the ingredients in your soup to feed them. So download it right now and enjoy Cats & Soup mod apk.

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