Hibernator : Hibernate Apps
Hibernator : Hibernate Apps

Hibernator 2.28.2 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Close all running apps and save the battery power long time

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Name Hibernator : Hibernate Apps
Genre Apps
Size 9.5M
Version 2.28.2
Update Dec 8, 2022
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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Hibernator : Hibernate Apps is the most famous version in the Hibernator : Hibernate Apps series of publisher APPDEV QUEBEC
Mod Version 2.28.2


Hibernator MOD APK is an app that helps you to Puts selected apps to sleep to save battery power and save phone memory. The pro version of Hibernator will remove annoying ads and allow you to more flexibly set up a schedule to save phone resources. Hibernator ads removed and all features unlocked.

Easily Save battery and increase the performance

With the widespread use of smartphones, it’s no surprise that battery life is a major concern for many users. With all the data we download and the apps we use, it’s easy to drain our phones’ batteries quickly. And as anyone who has ever had a phone die on them knows, a dead battery can be a major inconvenience.

Fortunately, there are some things we can do to help prolong our battery’s life. One of these is to use a software like Hibernator MOD Apk. This app helps optimize battery life by stopping inactive apps and cutting down on power consumption. As a result, our phones can last longer between charges. And that means fewer low-battery panicked moments!

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Boost your slow devices quickly

As any Android user knows, the operating system is extremely power usage. As a result, even the latest and greatest devices can start to slow down after just a few months of use. One way to speed up a slower device is to use the powerful performance booster known as Hibernator MOD Apk. This app quickly kills background running apps and cleans up the system, resulting in a noticeable speed boost. Additionally, Hibernator can be used to free up storage space on your device by removing unused apps and files. So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to speed up your Android device, be sure to give Hibernator a try.

Cool down CPU temperature

When a phone overheats, it not only causes the battery to drain more quickly, but it can also damage the internal components. One way to help prevent overheating is to use an app like Hibernator MOD Apk. In addition to managing background processes and saving battery life, Hibernator also helps to lower CPU consumption and temperature. As a result, your phone will stay cooler for longer, and you may even extend its lifespan. So if you’re looking for a way to keep your phone running at its best, Hibernator is definitely worth a try.

Make sure the security of your data

Android users are used to seeing a long list of permissions when they install an app. Everything from location to camera access is fair game, and it can be frustrating to see how much control we’ve given away. However, there are some apps out there that really do need those permissions to function properly. Hibernator MOD Apk is not one of those apps. Despite the fact that it requests a laundry list of permissions, the developers have assured users that their private information will be protected. The app won’t try to gather any data, and it will solely concentrate on the assigned work of providing device optimizations. So if you’re looking for an app that won’t invade your privacy, Hibernator is a good choice.

Hibernation automatic with Pro settings

The application will explain the auto-hibernation feature to the user if they feel confused or unfamiliar with “Hibernator.” It is a function that, as soon as the user locks the screen, disables all background applications, including games, applications, and other applications. Users may even set timings to have the apps begin the hibernation process automatically, and they can create cycles. The user’s game or unfinished job won’t be disabled, though, as the software just shuts off applications that they haven’t utilized in the most recent period. Users can, of course, choose not to disable the applications they require in order to preserve their work or progress.

Hibernator Hibernate Apps Save Battery Hibernator Hibernate Apps Save Battery

Access quick shortcuts and widget

It will be quite annoying for users to have to enter the application every time they want to use its service. Because your phone is frequently full to capacity and has to be instantly cleared when you use this application. Returning to the main screen and manipulating through the widget will be quite convenient when you need to use it. Then the Widgets built straight into the main screen will be able to assist you in effortlessly manipulating tasks. As smartphones get smarter, they also get more functions that can be used in combination. However, it raises the issue that doing too much multitasking can cause the phone to get overloaded, slow, the application to cease working, and many other issues.

Simple and user friendly Interface

With only one swipe, the user’s smartphone may be optimized with the help of the Hibernator app, resulting in a user-friendly, efficient, and pleasant interface. Users can quickly access the app’s functions and keep track of the device’s state and running applications thanks to a well-organized UI style. The main features of the app will be shown on the home screen, assisting users in improving the device with a number of settings and offering several functionalities for user customization. Additionally, users may customize Hibernator device layout, features, and more through the application settings for the optimum user experience.

Final Words

Anyone who wishes to extend the life of their phone battery should use the Hibernator mod apk. Simply press the Hibernate button on the home screen to stop wasting battery power on apps you aren’t even using. You may obtain a thorough analysis of all the apps that need to be optimized by starting a quick scan of all the installed apps on your smartphone. Utilize the capabilities supplied by this app to maintain good performance even when several apps are open at once.

Download (9.5M)

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  • For MOD features please check Mod Info.
  • Some APK are specially Optimized and Build for specific Processor Architecture To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app

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