The Walking Dead: Survivors: What’s New in Game The Walking Dead: Survivors

by Amar Kapoor, Thursday, 7 July 2022 (5 months ago)

The Walking Dead: Survivors will take you to a world full of chaos where only the strong can survive. This battle is not for the weak, so you will have to take up arms and fight everyone. What you will do in this world, it remains only to download and experience this game to feel the cruelty in a chaotic world.

In The Walking Dead: Survivors users will build their own cities and defend them from zombies and other players. To do this, you will have to hire Survivors – characters from the original comics. For each such hero, the developers will give out a set of special skills, according to their specialization: units for “Combat” will be focused on defense, and for “Development” – on the improvement of the city.

At the start of the game, Rick, Glenn, Hershel, Beth and Maggie will be available to players, but this list will be constantly updated. Also, the developers promise more than 80 storylines, during which users will be able to relive some of the iconic moments of the franchise. For example, to unite in the fight against Negan and his gang of “Saviors”.

The Walking Dead Survivors 2

Win with both skill and strategy

To win in The Walking Dead: Survivors, you must have two essential factors, which are the ability to fight skillfully, as well as reasonable tactics in every match. Among the enemies will be bloodthirsty people and terrible undead; although they do not have special combat skills, their numbers will be too large. In the process of their destruction, you need to be not only accurate, but also very fast. Use a pistol when attacking from a distance, or a knife or an ax in case of close combat.

Sometimes the enemy will attack you uncontrollably, even if you defended with all your might. This is the time when you need to use your intellect to come up with a smart strategy. You can be resilient to keep fighting, winning and becoming the hegemon of this land. Or choose an alliance with the people around you to protect your city together. Rely on the situation to make a decision that is in your best interest.
The Walking Dead Survivors 3

Build the best base you can

The stronger and wiser the base you build, the easier your defense will be. Accessible buildings such as fences, sharp traps, remote cannon systems, etc. will eliminate most enemies before they get close to your city. You can also upgrade these defenses to make them stronger and harder to destroy. The Walking Dead: Survivors gives you many different defenses to choose from.

In addition to the defense system, food producers, soldiers’ houses, arsenals, etc. The base also needs constant construction and upgrading. This will help you create enough food as well as buy more quality soldiers for your battle. The higher the base level, the more likely it is to provide you soldiers with functional combat abilities. However, the number of soldiers is limited in each city, so be careful how you use them.

Maximizing your area

Each player will be given a certain area; in addition to building a battle base, you can also exploit more items in this area. You can expand the land to build more bases or focus on exploiting resources like gold, wood, meat, etc. to improve the quality of the barracks. Take a close look at the surrounding clans to plan the best defense.

The Walking Dead Survivors 4

Graphics deserve top marks

I assure you that The Walking Dead: Survivors will bring moments of great satisfaction. The graphics of the game really do not have a single pixel of criticism. The images in the database create a sense of excitement and push you to increase the speed of the game. Images of enemies develop a sense of terror, sometimes making you feel disgusted or afraid. The sounds that occur in battles add suspense and drama, pushing the pace of the game to the maximum.


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